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Sat, Jan 11, 2020 9:00am
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CPR Class

The "Heart Ready" program offered by the JCFD provides both CPR /AED & Opiate awareness training to residents of Johns Creek. Upon completion, participants will receive a certificate of recognition by the Johns Creek Fire Department.



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Canine Unit

Johns Creek Police Department Canine Training Center- Through the donations and funds raised by Leadership Johns Creek and the Atlanta Retailers Association, the JCPD Canine Training Center opened in 2017 and continues to support the specific training needs of the canine officers of Johns Creek and surrounding jurisdictions. The JCPSF welcomes corporate and private donations.

K9 DanoK9 Dano and Handler

K-9 Dano, a Czech Shepherd, was part of the inaugural K-9 Unit for the Johns Creek Police Department. K-9 Dano was trained as a Patrol and Narcotics dog which consisted of Building Search, Area Search, Handler Protection, Narcotic Detection, and Tracking. K-9 Dano was certified annually through the National Narcotic Detector Dog Association (NNDDA), which is an national independent evaluation of the dogs ability to perform tasks to stringent standards.

K-9 Dano worked for the City of Johns Creek from January 2009 and retired in January 2017. K-9 Dano was an invaluable asset to the Police Department and located numerous fleeing suspects as well as missing persons. In addition, K-9 Dano was able to use his “skills set” to locate illegal narcotics that consisted of marijuana, cocaine, ectasy, methamphetamine, and heroin.

Lastly, k-9 Dano was instrumental in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community and achieved this through countless public demonstrations and community events. K-9 Dano served from February 2009 to January 2017. K-9 Dano passed on May 26, 2019.

K9 Nico

K-9 NICO was one of the Johns Creek Police Departments first two patrol dogs. K-9 NICO entered into service in April of 2009, and worked on the Day Watch B Squad. In 2016, K-9 Nico and Officer G.E. Hodge were re-assigned to the Traffic Enforcement Unit.

K-9 NICO was retired from service on June 1, 2017 at the age 10. During his time in service, K-9 NICO was responsible for numerous narcotic finds, as well as large cash finds, SUCCESSFUL tracks, and multiple criminal apprehensions for both the JCPD and surrounding agencies as well.

K-9 NICO passed away on 10-28-2019 at the age of 12 due to complications with kidney failure.


K9 Valor

K-9 Valor and Officer Flora have been on the unit since April of 2018. K-9 Valor is a male Belgian Malinois from Budapest, Hungary and was born on December 4th, 2016.

K-9 Valor is trained as a “dual purpose K-9,” meaning he is trained in narcotics (drug) detection, tracking, article searches, and criminal apprehension/handler protection. Valor lives with Officer Flora full-time and has two dog siblings at home. His favorite toys are his Nero Ball or his Kong.

K-9 Valor and Officer Flora are currently certified through the National Narcotics Detector Dog Association (NNDDA) and re-certify annually. To find out more about our K-9’s, follow us on Instagram (JCPD_K9_Valor).

K9 Kimo 

One of the newest additions to the JCPD Canine Unit is K-9 Kimo. K-9 Kimo began his active service with Officer Hodge in July 2017. Born in Hungary, K-9 Kimo is a 5 year odd Belgian Malinois. K-9 Kimo is a high drive dual purpose K-9 and is trained in multiple disciplines.

K-9 Kimo's primary function is being a locator tool and he excels at narcotics detection. When not in service, K-9 Kimo always enjoys a great game of tug or fetch, and loves relaxing with the Hodge family. Follow us on Instagram (JCPD_K9_Kimo)

K9 Dane and RobertsK9 Dane

K-9 Dane was born in the Czech Republic in 2015 and joined the Johns Creek Police Department in 2016 after K-9 Kyra retired. K-9 Dane is certified in narcotics detection, tracking, evidence searches, and criminal apprehension. K-9 Dane is partnered with Cpl. Roberts.
Follow us on Instagram (JCPD_K9_Dane)

K9 KyraK9 Kyra and Roberts

K-9 Kyra was born in the Netherlands and served in the Johns Creek Police Department from 2012-2016 when she medically retired. In retirement, K-9 Kyra happily protects Cpl. Robert's couch and enjoys playing fetch.

K9 LeoK9 Leo and Goins

K-9 Leo is a German Shepherd born in the Netherlands in January of 2009. In his active duty time, K-9 Leo was a dual purpose police service dog that held numerous certifications. He excelled at tracking over his other skills, with his first successful track coming shortly after going in to service. K-9 Leo tracked an armed person through a busy apartment complex where he located the suspect barricaded inside an apartment, located the suspect’s gun that he had attempted to conceal, and assisted with the apprehension of the suspect. K-9 Leo is a large dog with a persuasive bark, which served to persuade suspects in to surrender instead of using force.

K-9 Leo retired when he developed arthritis and dysplasia in his hips. K-9 Leo now enjoys the luxurious life of a family pet with his handler’s family. Though K-9 Leo is a lot slower and weaker than he used to be, he still tries to get in the patrol car with Corporal Goins and is always first to greet Corporal Goins when he returns home from work. Follow us on Instagram (JCPD_K9_Leo)

K9 DinoK9 Dino and Goins

(Active since 11/18)
Born in Poland In August of 2017, K-9 Dino is a dual purpose Belgian Malinois. K-9 Dino has a youthful, energetic disposition and lives to please through his work. K-9 Dino is just beginning his life as a police service dog and holds a promising future. Follow us on Instagram (JCPD_K9_Dino)

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